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Vindonissa, located in what is today called Windisch, was an important Roman legion's camp. The ruins of the camp are open for viewing. The monastery church of Königsfelden, which is well known for its unique glass windows (that date back to the 14th century), is located in the middle of these ruins.

For over 100 years excavations have been made and Roman camp buildings have been reconstructed in Vindonissa. The amphitheater and an aqueduct dating back to the 1st century are just two of the sights worth seeing. The new Legionnaire's Trail illustrates the daily life of legionnaires.

The Monastery of Königsfelden is located in the middle of the ruins. The monastery was founded as a result of the murder of the Habsburg King Albrecht I in May 1308. His widow made a donation so that the monastery could be founded in his memory. The church of Königsfelden is a museum nowadays. It boasts eleven glass windows in the choir, which were created between the years of 1320 and 1360, and are among the most outstanding works of European glass painting of that era.  

Roman Day in Vindonissa

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Time required2 to 4 hours (half day)
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Museumstrasse 1

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